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Therapists who provide this service: Steve Lowe

Physiotherapy can help a number of musculoskeletal conditions such as:

Spinal Injuries – Back pain including sciatica, neck pain including headaches, and thoracic spine pain

Sports Injuries (sprains and strains) – injuries to muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and cartilage

Joint problems – arthritis, injury, pain and swelling, stiffness including frozen shoulder and tennis elbow

Post Surgery – rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery such as hip and knee replacements or following general surgery

At the first consultation together a full history of your condition is taken in addition to a physical examination. Following this we will then discuss with you the necessary treatment plan and the estimated length of treatment.

Session Times + Fees

Initial consultation and treatment  – 45 minutes – £45.00 

Follow up treatment – 45 minutes – £35.00

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